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With 30 years of experience in the related industry, Select Agrispare Co is one of the oldest and well-reputed hardware store in Lilongwe, with in-depth knowledge of the industrial and hardware tools and their functionality we have been backing up many renowned brands around the world with our quality products and services.

We are always up to date about the evolving technologies and aim to keep our products updated according to the trends. We have a wide array of products and carry vast stock holdings especially in Maize Mills, Diesel Engines, Hardware Hand Tools, Sewing Machines, Irrigation pumps, Vee Belts and other Heavy Industrial & Engineering tools.

We pay attention to the tiniest details provided by our customers and strive our best to meet their needs thus, always offering the most suitable and appropriate products along with the expert advice. 

Supported by innovative ideas, and team of a dedicated staff with immense experience in the agricultural machinery, hardware and construction field, we have developed the company from our small beginnings to become the number one choice for companies and individuals users for their hardware and machinery requirement.